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The People Behind the PhDs 15: Mark Whiting, Collective psychologies, my life in design, 2-3

The People Behind the PhDs 15: Mark Whiting, Collective psychologies, my life in design 2-3

Dr. Mark Whiting uses design and computation to study collective psychologies and philosophies for an improved world. His research focuses on understanding how to improve decision making and coordination at individual, team and societal scales. Some examples of his research around gig work include asking:

– Gig work undercuts traditional institutions that help workers, e.g., labor laws — how might we design systems to reintroduce some of those benefits?

– Gig workers are stifled because of limited on-the-job training — how might gig worker tools make it easier for them to learn from their work?

– Today’s gig work platforms are mostly controlled by large companies — how might systems help these workers self-govern instead? In short, Mark studies the digital and behavioral undercurrents of 21st century life on earth.

Listen to the episode in 3 parts

Part 1 m4a mp3Part 2 m4a mp3Part 3 m4a mp3

Music by Kate SC

Some examples of his research include:

  • Researching how crowd workers are relied upon but how using them can undercut institutional quality assurance unless crowd workers can certify each others’ work.
  • Investigating ways that feedback has value beyond just liking each other
  • Designing better governance in Crowdsourcing

In short, Mark studies the digital and behavioral undercurrents of 21st century life on earth.

About Mark …

Mark Whiting conducts research in the Computer and Information at Science department at the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Operations, Information and Decisions department at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He was previously researching at the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) group at Stanford University. Mark earned his PhD at Carnegie Mellon University in Mechanical Engineering and his Masters in Science in Industrial Design at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

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