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The People Behind the PhDs 13: Tarik S. Bel Bahar Paranormal psychology, I feel strange and my brain won’t stop 1-3

The People Behind the PhDs 13: Tarik S. Bel Bahar Paranormal psychology, I feel strange and my brain won’t stop 1-3

Who do you know that researches altered states of consciousness and cognitive-affective processes, neuropsychology of mystical experiences, and brain dynamics? Thanks to Dr. Z you can meet Dr. Tarik S Bel-Bahar.

Listen to the episode in 3 parts

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Music by Kate SC

Dr. Tarik Bel-Bahar is an experimental psychologist who has examined brain dynamics and psychometrics in a broad range of contexts. He completed his PhD in personality and neuroscience at the University of Oregon, and has held postdoctoral positions at Anna Freud Centre/University College London, University of California San Diego, Duke University, and the University of Michigan. He is currently a researcher with the Translational Epidemiology lab at the New York State Psychiatric Institute with a focus on EEG-derived brain dynamics associated with depression. His interests include the neuropsychology of affect, personality, social cognition, religious experience, contemplation, and altered states.

He hopes that everyone aspiring to PhD training has a long-term vision as well as intrinsic motivation for the topics of their chosen field.

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