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Stories of Triumph, World Transplant Games 2019 episode 03 – gift of life and gratefulness

Stories of Triumph, World Transplant Games 2019 episode 03 – gift of life and gratefulness

Day three. It was my first day waking up in a time zone eight hours ahead of my previous time zone (Arizona). For anyone who has traveled, the first day waking up is when jet lag hits the hardest. Fortunately, I had pushed through the day before to exhaust my body in order to get a full night’s rest. My goal for day three was to find a bicycle mechanic to make fine-tuned adjustments to my bike. Like all great adventures, my goal did not succeed. In fact, I can verifiably say that I rode in circles for 90 minutes covering 18 kilometers. Although I found the mechanic’s, they wanted to charge 25 pounds for their “bronze service” to turn a wrench on my bike a few times. It seemed like overkill so I turned around to find my way back getting stuck in loops of roundabouts as an American who isn’t quite used to roundabouts would and who barely knows the streets and who is trying to navigate the streets while listening to a GPS voice that itself is trying to catch up with the curves in the road. It was a blast.


Backyard Newcastle, United Kingdom


Bike paths, Newcastle, United Kingdom


Neighborhood Newcastle, United Kingdom


English countryside Newcastle


After an afternoon nap, I was able to go to a local gym and take a spinning class (I teach a spinning class in Arizona so it was fun to compare notes), then do some core and weights, followed by a swim. The ride to the gym was also scenic.

Ride to the gym Newcastle, United Kingdom


But the sunset after the workout was even better.

Sunset in Newcastle 7 August 2019


Enjoy today’s podcast (see link) above and consider giving the gift of life where you live by becoming a donor, getting involved with your local transplant organization, and contacting the World Transplant Games Federation ( for more information on the World Transplant Games Federation.

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