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Organ Oracles 03: Elmar Sprink, Transplant Athlete (Germany) in English & German 1-3

Organ Oracles 03: Elmar Sprink, Transplant Athlete (Germany) in English & German

As a semi-professional soccer player, then an Ironman triathlete, Elmar Sprink, had few health worries. After an off-performance during an Ironman competition in Austria, a passed-out Elmar was rescued by his girlfriend (now wife) and next door neighbor, a doctor who was home only because of knee surgery. After a heart transplant and 30-minute walk around a 400 meter track, Elmar began training again to compete in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

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Elmar Sprink, der als Fußballspieler und Ironman-Triathlet nie gesundheitliche Probleme hatte, bis sein Herz versagte. Sein erstes Training nach seiner Herztransplantation, bei der er eine Strecke von 400 Metern zurücklegte, dauerte 30 Minuten. Er war der erste Mensch nach einer Herztransplantation, der an den Ironman-Weltmeisterschaften in Kona, Hawaii, teilnahm. Mittlerweile ist er das Cape Epic, die BIKE Transalp gefahren und hat den Transalpine Run gefinisht.

Organ Oracles: Elmar Sprink Preview / die Vorschau


Organ Oracles

Each Organ Oracles podcast consists of inspirational stories of people who have had life-saving organ transplants and their achievements after their life-altering moments.

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