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14 Coming Soon … People Behind the PhDs … How do you parlez-vous?

14 Coming Soon … People Behind the PhDs … How do you parlez-vous?

Science is driven by people, which is why in People Behind the PhDs, Dr. Z interviews people who have PhDs about their journey to earning PhDs, and motivation behind their scientific and social research. 

Click here to Add to your calendar — People behind the PhDs Episode 14: Katie Angus — Thanksgiving Break. Language acquisition works

Tucson, Arizona, USA — August 12, 2019 — Dr. Z Productions announces the launch of 16 episodes  of “People Behind the PhDs,” Season 1, First Semester running from Monday, August 26, 2019 through Friday, December 13, 2019 on People Behind the PhDs is one of Dr. Z’s flagship shows by Dr. Z’s Productions and Podcasts (Zachary S. Brooks, PhD). Inspired to share the inspirational and consequential stories of the people behind the science, Zachary S. Brooks has interviewed psychologists, applied linguists, a data scientist, a meteorologist, an industrial designer, a marketing professor, a Twitter activist, and an artist to create Season 1, First Semester of People Behind the PhDs.

The interviewees’ institutions are as diverse as their interests. They come from the University of Arizona, University of Rochester, Princeton University, University of New Mexico, Texas Christian University, Syracuse University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Alabama, University of Southern Indiana, Ocean University (China), University of Oregon, University College London, University of California San Diego, Duke University, the University of Michigan, and  at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, the University of Southern Mississippi, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Oxford University. 

People Behind the PhD — Season 1, First Semester Release Schedule 2019

Episode (scroll right for full schedule and click to add to calendar)MondaysPodcastThursdaysFridays
First week, anxiety, excitement, concussion08/26/19PBP01Ezra_Smith1-308/29/19PBP01Ezra_Smith2-308/30/19PBP01Ezra_Smith3-3
Where's the classroom? What's assessment?09/02/19PBP02Rachel_Kraut1-309/05/19PBP02Rachel_Kraut2-309/06/19PBP02Rachel_Kraut3-3
Is this it? My right to consume.09/09/19PBP03Tony _Stovall1-309/12/19PBP03Tony _Stovall2-309/13/19PBP03Tony _Stovall3-3
This is esay. Word combinations09/16/19PBP04Ting_Qian1-309/19/19PBP04Ting_Qian2-309/20/19PBP04Ting_Qian3-3
Rude awakening, first grades back, brain stimulation09/23/19PBP05Jay_Sanguinetti1-309/26/19PBP05Jay_Sanguinetti2-309/27/19PBP05Jay_Sanguinetti3-3
Should I translanguage, I'm not sure about education?09/30/19PBP06Steve_Przymus1-310/03/19PBP06Steve_Przymus2-310/04/19PBP06Steve_Przymus3-3
Uh oh, I'm in trouble. What's my agency?10/07/19PBP07Peta_Long1-310/10/19PBP07Peta_Long2-310/11/19PBP07Peta_Long3-3
The clouds are forming. Lighting strikes.10/14/19PBP08Stephen_Bieda1-310/17/19PBP08Stephen_Bieda2-310/18/19PBP08Stephen_Bieda3-3
Homecoming football game and tailgating10/21/19PBP09Robert_Poole1-310/24/19PBP09Robert_Poole2-310/25/19PBP09Robert_Poole3-3
Halloween week, look at the stars10/28/19PBP10 Jenna_Kloosterman1-310/31/19PBP10 Jenna_Kloosterman2-311/01/19PBP10 Jenna_Kloosterman3-3
The lights go out, contrast agent, I can almost see …11/04/19PBP11Iman_Daryaei1-311/07/19PBP11Iman_Daryaei2-311/08/19PBP11Iman_Daryaei3-3
Acceptance of reality … English for academic purposes11/11/19PBP12Michael_Sayle1-311/14/19PBP12Michael_Sayle2-311/15/19PBP12Michael_Sayle3-3
Paranormal psychology, I feel strange and my brain won't stop11/18/19PBP13Tarik_S_Bel-Bahar1-311/21/19PBP13Tarik_S_Bel-Bahar2-311/22/19PBP13Tarik_S_Bel-Bahar3-3
Thanksgiving Break. Language acquisition works11/25/19PBP14Katie_Angus1-311/28/19PBP14Katie_Angus2-311/29/19PBP14Katie_Angus3-3
Collective psychologies, my life in design12/02/19PBP15Mark_Whiting1-312/05/19PBP15Mark_Whiting2-312/06/19PBP15Mark_Whiting3-3
Try-cultural, inside a clinc, release12/09/19PBP16Emily_Connally1-312/12/19PBP16Emily_Connally2-312/13/19PBP16Emily_Connally3-3

About Dr. Z and Dr. Z Podcasts

Thanks for visiting Dr. Z Productions and Podcasts. My name is Zachary Brooks, the “Z” behind “Dr. Z.” Click on and download to one of my eight podcast programs. Feel free to leave any comments and contact me directly at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Your can follow my research at ResearchGate.

I earned a doctorate in Second Language Acquisition with concentrations in cognitive science and management from the University of Arizona.

The mission of Dr. Z Podcasts is to find, record, and share stories about humans engaged in one of the 6As* of life. The reason I produce and publish podcasts is to connect people to the consequential stories for life.

*6As = athletics, adventure, academics, art, advocacy, human algorithm. The 6As is the name of the book I am writing and the foundation for Dr. Z Podcasts.

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Dr. Z Zachary S Brooks


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Click here to Add to your calendar — People behind the PhDs Episode 14: Katie Angus — Thanksgiving Break. Language acquisition works

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